How to Avoid “Crashing and Burning” on the First Date

How can you save a first date from “crashing and burning”? We’ve all been there: the date starts out alright (you’re really pumped that you’re on the road again!) and you see your attractive date smiling at you from the table.

Minutes pass and you try to make eye contact, establishing a connection – and then it happens. The deathly silence occurs. Some call it awkward, I call it deathly – because prolonged, unintended silence can mean the last heartbeat of a promising date.

If you don’t know how to manage this type of situation, say goodbye to your dreams of getting some action. Because no woman would agree to it if you can’t make the first date memorable, engaging and exciting.

Why do emotions matter so much in dating?

Women are emotional beings and every thought, idea and experience is wrapped with a copper wire and charged with a healthy dose of emotion. That’s why women have exceptionally good memories – because their memories are supercharged with the emotions that they’ve associated with specific experiences.

If your date associates “boring,” “dull” or worse, “no way!” to your first date, don’t expect your date to be attracted to you at all.

And the sad thing about all this is your date will probably feel sorry for you, and she won’t tell you exactly what she’s thinking. So unless you’re observant and inquisitive, you won’t be able to tell what’s coming.

If this scenario has become all too familiar for you, it’s time to change your game. It’s time to bring out the true you – the alpha male who knows how to conquer the dating game properly.
Below are some tips to change your dating fate:

1. Avoid Mechanical Questioning

This is by far the biggest mistake that any aspiring seducer can commit while on a date – especially if it’s your first date.

Picture this: It’s your first date with a hot lady and instead of focusing on her you begin asking inane questions like “what was your major in university?” or “what do you like to do when the weather is good?” Such questions may keep the conversation going in the beginning, but it won’t sustain the seductive momentum.

“Mechanical questioning” or asking non-essential questions for the sake of asking them, can render a date lifeless because your date will become completely disengaged.

If your date finds you even a little bit attractive, that attraction goes down the drain the moment you drone on about things that aren’t even remotely interesting or fun.

Examples of bad or non-essential questions are:

1. What did you love about college?
2. Do you like when it rains?
3. What do you think about the weather in this city?
4. Did you hear about the news yesterday?
5. What does your brother do for a living?

Women want to have romance, fun and excitement during a date. They want to feel alive – just like you!

If you can give your date at least half of what they expect from a date (women are actually not demanding), you can be sure that attraction will build up very quickly from the outset.

If you play your cards right, you can expect passion at the end of the night!

2. Show Her Leadership

Males are expected to be good leaders – even if it’s just a date. Unless your date tells you something that she really wants, you should be in charge of everything, including the conversation.

Your date expects romance, energy, sexuality and adventure. She expects you to produce these experiences because these are the secret desires of women, whether they would like to admit it or not.

When a woman senses that you don’t have enough drive, motivation and energy during a date, the fires of attraction begin to burn out.

Don’t expect your date to carry the conversation – you need to start the interaction and keep it alive until you are 100% successful in seducing your date.

Now, there are some women who are naturally inclined to lead in any social situation, including dates. These women are naturally dominant and have a high base energy level.

In order to impress such a date, you need to be on top of your game: raise your energy level to match your date’s own energy level and show her that you can handle her strong personality easily. Be comfortable with your date’s energy level or try to lower it by pacing and leading her.