Braintropics to Endorse Photographic Memory Training with Mathematics Logic

Braintropics to Endorse Photographic Memory Training with Mathematics Logic
Braintropics to Endorse Photographic Memory Training with Mathematics Logic
Braintropic ™
Braintropic ™

Braintropic ™ endorses a new stack to enhance Photographic Memory. This stack has been dubbed as the Dopamine/Mathematics Logic Noo-tropic Stack.

It consists of the following stack:

  • 250 mg Uridine,
  • Oxiracetam 800-1600 mg,
  • Fish Oil for Uridine,
  • Alpha GPC 300mg.

The stack is a combination of top quality supplements that work together to help enhance and train the mind to remember every sense it has encountered. It is a supplement that best trains the mind in photographic memory training. The heightened senses it evoke make it a perfect stack for all the mental training you need.

Braintropic ™ has long been an endorser of nootropic stacks and advocates mental training through informational blogs online. This latest addition to the group of mental supplements will enable mental trainers to look for alternatives on improving the mental capacity of a person. The stack has the combination of ingredients and substances that has unique properties which works well together. The good thing about this stack is that they bring out the best of each other and make the brain more susceptible to training and improved performance.

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Dopamine is known as the pleasant feeling on the brain. Uridine promotes new formation of dopamine receptors and is the basis for the stack. Using the 25 mg for the whole combo, it spikes dopamine and modulates the dendric connectivity in the brain. It works well with Alpha GPC (choline) and fish oil which creates phosphatydlcholine and phosphatidylserine increase for new nerve cell membrane. Some helpful hints are available in online about alpha brain quality supplements.


Belonging to the racetam family, it boosts logic and sensory amplification. This makes math and sensory abilities to increase causing motivation to rise. It causes slight CNS stimulation without fogging the mind. Reports have stated that the stimulation brings similar new mood akin to caffeine without the high it brings. For those studying logical subjects and are training to improve their brain performance, this can help the brain function with the right dosage of 800-1600 mg a day.

Fish Oil

With the addition of fish oil to the stack, the health benefits of the Omega-3 fatty acids it has can help make alpha brain memory enhancement together with Alpha GPC, Uridine and Oxiracetam. The fatty acids help in re-growing myelin sheathes in the brain. As new brain receptors grow, dopamine is easily released in the brain due to neurogenesis.

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About Braintropics ™

By writing articles about nootropics and their impact to the body, Braintropics aims to help enhance photographic memory training for people who has to work on their mental faculties for work and studies. The website also aims to help people maintain their fitness in mind and body by suggesting helpful supplements that can enhance the body’s senses and imbibe new mood for renewed energy. One of the goals of Braintropics is to give information on the growing industry of mental growth supplement which has been taken for granted for years. The site also introduces life hacks that can come in handy for readers.

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